The most beautiful flowers are the ones closest to home. Shaped by nature. Real.

Little Triffids Flowers is not only a floral design studio, but a flourishing micro flower farm. On just a quarter acre, Little Triffids cultivates hundreds of varieties of blooms from August to May each growing year. Our flowers are field grown and seasonal, this means they have a natural garden aesthetic and are as fresh as can be.

On North Wagga’s rich clay soil and with the Riverina’s four distinct seasons, we can grow a huge variety of stunning flowers. We love ranunculus, dahlias, roses and delphiniums as well as more unusual and delicate blooms such as chocolate cosmos, aquilegia, poppy and lupin.

Little Triffids Flowers is a partnership between two friends, Sophie and Bethany. Sophie is chief in charge of the flower farm, Bethany is chief in charge of business and they share equally in the heart of the business, floral design. When you get in touch with Little Triffids you will be talking to one of us!


I’m entranced by rambling cottage gardens, the delicate arch of a stem and all things wild. I was the small child stealing flowers from your front garden. I always have dirt under my finger nails, no matter how hard I try to keep them clean.

My flower obsession began in my grandmother’s English garden and still nothing gives me greater pleasure than having my hands in the soil and my nose in a freshly picked bloom. It is magical to see bare earth become a riot of colour to be picked, shaped and shared.

In charge of the farm, Sophie can usually be found with hands in the dirt and bum in the air, checking soil, inspecting leaves and smelling flowers. As well as selecting what is grown each year, she sows, weeds, waters, tends and picks all the blooms.


I love flowers. 
I have scaled high walls for flowers.

Working with flowers is a pleasure and it makes me happy in a mysterious and calming way.

I love the trust of our bridal clients, and perfecting a concept to suit them to a tee. And creating a gift bouquet with someone specific in mind.

I love the hustle of a wedding day, and seeing our team bring incredible concepts to life.

I love the Duchenne smile of a recipient of our flowers, the face of a bride when she sees her bouquet.

In charge of our communications, Bethany will be answering your emails, crafting your quote or sending that invoice.


 Located on the rich clay river flats of North Wagga, the Little Triffids flower farm is truly micro, standing at less than a quarter acre. Though tiny in proportions, it’s perfectly formed, making use of every inch of space all year round.

 The farm is located at Sophie’s home, which she shares with her husband and son, a flock of chickens and loyal pooch Lola. Their garden, which started from nothing but lawn six years ago, provides many goodies throughout the year: bearded iris, daffodils, pokers and succulents – everything is enjoyed!

 Because it is also our home, the farm is only open to visitors when we hold our seasonal workshops.