Summer Subscriptions 4

It’s the end of the flower season here at the farm and lots of our blooms are going to bed (read: compost heap!) – but at the same time hundreds (!) of bulbs and seeds are being tucked into the soil to grow through the winter!   Dahlias and Zinnias have been our Summer main … Continue reading Summer Subscriptions 4

Rose Quartz and Serenity

We put together a little shoot inspired by the Pantone colours of the year… Who knew Little Triffids HQ was just that shade of serenity?! An ombre bouquet in a more formal shape but with the wild and whimsical touches that make it quintessentially LT. Rose, tuberose, snowberry, amaranth, salvia, dahlia, cosmos… Also, time to … Continue reading Rose Quartz and Serenity

Summer Subscriptions 3

It’s finally beginning to fee like autumn in our neck of the woods! The leaves are turning, and jumpers are needed in the evening. We’re busy planning our next season and so its bliss to step away from the computer and catalogues and get outside to pick the last of the zinnias and basil, the … Continue reading Summer Subscriptions 3

Pink forever!

Some fancy large bouquet orders I’ve had recently – I have an overabundance of pink in the garden at the moment… I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I’m experimenting with my wrapping techniques too at the moment. Strange but true – the wrapping is the thing I find the hardest??! ps. And here’s what … Continue reading Pink forever!

Summer Subscription!

And we’re off! The first week of Summer Subscriptions has begun! I’ve resolved never to take a christmas holiday away from the garden for so long again as I worried and missed it too much! But phew! My babies made it through (thanks to some diligent house/garden/dog/chook-sitters) and the Summer season is away on time. … Continue reading Summer Subscription!

Green & White

I created four of these arrangements for an anniversary dinner recently. The client requested green and something a bit different. Why! That’s my speciality! * Rose, agapanthus, daisy, buddleia, plum branches, hydrangea, fern, spinach seed, carrot flowers, lambs ears, lemon balm, magnolia leaves. Continue reading Green & White