Private Workshop

Last month we held a private floral design workshop for an awesome group of ladies who wanted to visit and get their hands on some of our gorgeous flowers. Kate and I had such a fun time hosting and sharing some tricks of the trade. It just happened to be a record-breaking, freakishly hot day, … Continue reading Private Workshop

Dahlia Report

My first attempt at growing Dahlias has had its ups and downs but ultimately it’s been heaven! A third of the highly anticipated tubers didn’t sprout at all – despite them all having exactly the same treatment. I suppose the supplier is to blame, but what can you do when there is only one person in the … Continue reading Dahlia Report

Summer Subscription!

And we’re off! The first week of Summer Subscriptions has begun! I’ve resolved never to take a christmas holiday away from the garden for so long again as I worried and missed it too much! But phew! My babies made it through (thanks to some diligent house/garden/dog/chook-sitters) and the Summer season is away on time. … Continue reading Summer Subscription!

Rose Report

I love roses. I really, really love roses. I have 15 varieties in the garden now, not all are for cutting but it’s becoming a passion. Guinee is the first to flower, she’s an old fashioned rambler and deeply musky perfumed. This plant grew from a tiny 30cm stick 2 years ago to covering our … Continue reading Rose Report

For The Love Of Iris

Through chance and sheer good luck I met the owner of Sunshine Iris nursery the other day. In fact she had dinner with my family! The Sunshine Iris nursery website has many images gracing my “Flower Farm” pinterest page.  How to choose just a few bearded Iris?! Luckily for me this Iris farm is only an hour away … Continue reading For The Love Of Iris

Double daffs

I’m obsessed with the double daffodils in the garden! Aren’t they yummy? This old vase came from an op-shop in South Australia – and although its cracked and broken I couldn’t leave it behind. Delphinium, tulip, daffodil, anemone, hyacinth, rose. Continue reading Double daffs

Autumn’s end

The last from the garden for this growing season, it’s sad and yet… packets of seed, germination of bulbs and sweet peas already underway… a bright spring is ahead! Crepuscule rose, lemon verbena, grape vine and birch. Continue reading Autumn’s end

Zinnia season

I trialled 6 varieties of zinnia on the farm this season and the salmon rose has come up trumps. It has amazing stem length, big showy flowers which are consistently doubled and a lovely consistent colour. Wine is next with an amazing colour which fades from magenta to a truer purple, good stem length, big … Continue reading Zinnia season

Spring is here!

After doing weeks of battle with depressing frost (frost blanket on, frost blanket off) it feels like the end of winter is in sight! I was gifted these incredible blossoms from a friends house and they make my heart sing! Throw open the windows Spring is here! Continue reading Spring is here!