Spring Subscriptions

We are half way through the Spring subscriptions already! We can hardly believe it. It’s been a bumpy and wet start for the garden but with the few days of sunshine we’ve had we are finally getting there. Thank goodness for anenome’s and daffodils who’ll bloom even without sunshine! Half way through and the ranunculus … Continue reading Spring Subscriptions

Summer Subscriptions 4

It’s the end of the flower season here at the farm and lots of our blooms are going to bed (read: compost heap!) – but at the same time hundreds (!) of bulbs and seeds are being tucked into the soil to grow through the winter!   Dahlias and Zinnias have been our Summer main … Continue reading Summer Subscriptions 4

Summer Subscriptions 3

It’s finally beginning to fee like autumn in our neck of the woods! The leaves are turning, and jumpers are needed in the evening. We’re busy planning our next season and so its bliss to step away from the computer and catalogues and get outside to pick the last of the zinnias and basil, the … Continue reading Summer Subscriptions 3

Summer Subscriptions 2

  The summer subscriptions are truly underway. Here are just some that have gone out over the last month…   Blooming in the patch we have Zinnias, Dahlias, roses, marigolds, celosia, amaranth and I’m using lots of basil and tomato in there too! These bouquets smell amazing!

Summer Subscription!

And we’re off! The first week of Summer Subscriptions has begun! I’ve resolved never to take a christmas holiday away from the garden for so long again as I worried and missed it too much! But phew! My babies made it through (thanks to some diligent house/garden/dog/chook-sitters) and the Summer season is away on time. … Continue reading Summer Subscription!

Spring Subscriptions 4

As Spring turns in to Summer the pastel blooms are coming to the fore. Roses are the show pieces but are being backed up beautifully by nigella, queen annes lace, cornflowers & sweetpeas.

Spring Subscriptions 3

Flowers from just some of the past weeks subscribers… Whilst the ranunculus are on the way out, the roses have arrived! Roes, dutch iris, lavender, sage, scabiosa, cornflowers, fern, lambs ears, grape vine, artichoke, ranunculus and the very last hellebores I found hidden away.

Spring Subscriptions 2

Spring is the most wonderful time of year! Ranunculus, jasmine, tulip, lambs ear, artichoke, hardenbergia, anemone, dutch iris, euphorbia, chocolate mint, pineapple mint.