Wedding: Sonya & Tony

I was so honoured to do the flowers for this couples wedding day. It was a beautiful celebration and the funnest combination of stylish soft pastels and pops of peppy colour! The bouquets have rose, disbud mums, stock, ranunculus, blushing bride, pieris japonica, snow berry, freesia, wattle, gum and fennel. The button holes consist of … Continue reading Wedding: Sonya & Tony

Victorian Gardens

My mumma and I took a weekend trip to Victoria to visit some beautiful gardens. We visited Buda in Castlemain, where I captured the one and only peony currently in flower in all of Australia (I think?), Lambley Gardens and nursery – stunning display gardens and fabulous plants for sale, St Erths (ahhh the Diggers … Continue reading Victorian Gardens


Blushing bride, snowberries, green chrysanthemums, freesia, pieris japonica, ranunculus. I had these few lovely things left over from a wedding this weekend and managed to make this darling. I’m rather pleased with how it’s turned out. Continue reading Leftovers

Spring is here!

After doing weeks of battle with depressing frost (frost blanket on, frost blanket off) it feels like the end of winter is in sight! I was gifted these incredible blossoms from a friends house and they make my heart sing! Throw open the windows Spring is here! Continue reading Spring is here!

Little Jug of Calm

A little jug of calm in a chaotic week. The first of the jonquils (earlicheer and paper white), snow pea vine and flowers, choy sum gone to seed, the ever reliable euphorbia, the last David Austin Rose ‘Lichfield Angel’, and a small branch of snow pear with it’s remaining leaves all from my garden. ¬†Teaming … Continue reading Little Jug of Calm