We think the most beautiful flowers are the ones closest to home.

Shaped by nature. Real.


Little Triffids Flowers is a floral design studio and flourishing micro flower farm, based in Wagga Wagga. From our idyllic little quarter acre block, we get our hands dirty pouring love and attention into the hundreds of varieties we cultivate from September to May each year. This means our flowers are field grown and seasonal, bringing a natural garden aesthetic to our arrangements and they are as fresh as can be.

On the rich clay soil of North Wagga, with the Riverina’s four distinct seasons, we can grow a huge variety of stunning flowers. We love ranunculus, dahlias, roses and delphiniums as well as more unusual and delicate blooms such as chocolate cosmos, foxglove, nigella and lupin. And we love each and every one.

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Officially, Little Triffids Flowers is a company run by flower tragic, Sophie. But unofficially, Little Triffids Flowers is backed by an equally flower-obsessed and ever-supportive team of talented florists and family members – not the least of which includes one humble and helpful husband, a small person that has grown up fluent in flower, alongside fur-babies and a flock of chickens that make their own unique contribution to the business. Little Triffids Flowers is a family business and a love for all of us.



 I’m entranced by rambling cottage gardens and all things wild. I was the small child stealing flowers from your front garden and I always have dirt under my fingernails, no matter how hard I try to keep them clean.

My flower obsession began in my grandmother’s English garden and still nothing gives me greater pleasure than having my hands in the soil and my nose in a freshly picked bloom. It is magical to see bare earth become a riot of colour to be picked, shaped and shared.

In charge of the studio and farm, Sophie can usually be found with hands in the dirt and bum in the air, checking soil, inspecting leaves, and smelling flowers. As well as selecting what is grown each year, she sows, weeds, waters, tends and picks all the blooms.

When it comes to the studio work, Sophie is never happier than when she’s six feet in the air fitting the rigging and fussing over the details of a major install. She’s also very fond of seeing her garden babies transformed into a stunning one of a kind arrangement.



In charge of the admin and communications, Monique is likely to be the one answering your emails, sweating the details of your quote, sending that invoice and following up on the plan. Organised to the hilt, Sophie wouldn’t know her head from her tail without her!


Kate P

Our longest serving employee, Kate knows her way around the entire business. A whiz at the small and fiddly jobs like buttonholes and flower crowns she’s also a keen gardener. Whether she’s running deliveries or installing a wedding she brings her can do attitude and snacks – always.

Kate S

A true green thumb, Kate is a gun in the garden but also lets her creative streak loose when it comes to our large scale wedding installations. When shes not in our flower studio shes in her own artists studio creating incredible art work… or she’s drinking coffee… 


Our newest recruit is a long time flower lover. You might find her on your doorstep delivering your blooms, helping in the shop or managing the many many stems of flowers that come across our threshold and getting them ready for you! She’s quickly learning how to arrange and has a natural flare for style!

The Farm

Located on the rich clay river flats of North Wagga, the Little Triffids flower farm is truly micro, standing at less than a quarter acre. Though tiny in proportions, it makes use of every inch of space all year round.

The farm and studio is located at Sophie’s home, forming a delightful part of her backyard – which started as nothing but lawn eight years ago.

Because the farm is also Sophie’s home, it’s only open to visitors when we hold our seasonal workshops.

Photo by Sheri McMahon